Awards Program Descriptions

Airlift/Tanker Association-Sponsored Award Descriptions and Source Documents

The Airlift/Tanker Association sponsors the following awards:
Please refer to the appropriate AMCI or links below for current award submission criteria and procedures.

  1. Airlift/Tanker Association Hall of Fame Award
    Identifies and recognizes an outstanding Airlift/Tanker individual or group whose sustained legacy of achievement distinguished themselves in outstanding performance to the Air Mobility mission.
    HOF nomination criteria and procedures
    Previous inductees
  2. General P.K. Carlton Award for Valor
    Identifies and recognizes an outstanding airlift or tanker aircrew or aircrew member for valor.
    AMCI 36-2806
  3. General Robert “Dutch” Huyser Award
    (7 Individual Awards)
    Identifies and recognizes an outstanding pilot, navigator, flight engineer, loadmaster, boom operator, Flight Attendant, and Mission Specialist for sustained excellence in airmanship.
    AMCI 36-2806
  4. Airlift/Tanker Association Young Leadership Award
    (Twelve Individual Awards)
    Identifies and recognizes 12 outstanding individuals who will likely become future leaders within the Air Mobility community.
    AMCI 36-2808
    Further Information
  5. Colonel Gail Halvorsen Award
    Identifies and recognizes an outstanding Air Transportation (2T2XX) individual for sustained excellence in aerial port operations.
    See “Call Message” for nomination guidance
  6. Ronald R. Fogleman Award
    Recognizes the top Advanced Studies of Air Mobility (ASAM) graduate.
    See “description” for nomination guidance
  7. Specialized Mission Award
    Identifies and recognizes an outstanding individual whose performance of duties in support of an aerial air mobility mission is exceptionally noteworthy during crises, contingencies, or humanitarian airlift. This award is presented to career fields not covered by the General Huyser award categories.
    AMCI 36-2806
  8. The President’s Award
    Identifies and recognizes A/TA member-volunteers who contribute immeasurably to the overall success of the Airlift/Tanker Association. All non-elected, non-paid A/TA members are eligible. Awardees are selected by the President through recommendations from the A/TA elected board and approved by the A/TA Chairman.
  9. General William G. Moore, Jr. Trophy
    Identifies and recognizes the wing with the most outstanding performance throughout the AMC RODEO competition.
    AMCI 36-2806
  10. Major General Stanley F. Newman Award
    Recognizes the Air National Guard outstanding Wing/Group contributing to the overall success of the Mobility Air Force Mission
    AMCI 36-2806
  11. Lieutenant General James E. Sherrard III Award
    Recognizes the Air Reserve outstanding Wing/Group contributing to the overall success of the Mobility Air Force Mission.
    Additional guidance
  12. United States Air Force Academy Core Values Trophy
    Identifies and recognizes the USAFA Cadet squadron that best exemplifies the USAF core values of integrity, service and excellence during the past year.
  13. The Chairman’s Cup
    Identifies and recognizes the winning CRUD team with a distinguished cup for display in a squadron, group, or wing facility. The Chairman’s Cup will be presented to the winning CRUD team by the A/TA Chairman.
  14. Global Reach Award
    The Global Reach Award is sponsored by the Airlift/Tanker Association and presented annually by the Air War College. It is designed to recognize excellence in research and writing at the graduate level in the area of Global Mobility. Award entries are selected from the Air War College Professional Studies Paper program and are nominated to the awards committee by the authors’ research advisors. The Professional Studies Paper is a 5,000 word analytical (qualitative or quantitative) essay on a topic of significance to the Department of Defense or country and must have a general/ flag office sponsor. The research is an opportunity to conduct original analysis and is in partial fulfillment of the graduating requirements of the Air War College curriculum.